Realize your Automotive designs with our Technology and Expertise

Here at Interplex, we offer a wide range of product solutions that are driving the automotive market’s innovations and future.


Advancing EV drivetrains with our automotive solutions portfolio


Powering EVs with Cell-PLX™ customized battery interconnect systems

Enabling autonomous driving with a wide spectrum of product-solutions

Keeping Pace with Automotive Innovations

The global automotive market is one of today’s most exciting and challenging industry segments, with dynamic waves of innovation and change such as electrification of vehicles, autonomous driving, improving safety, reducing pollution, enhancing driver and passengers’ experience.

With our wide range of product-solutions, Interplex is supporting key elements of the overall automotive revolution, which include:

  • more efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain and battery technologies
  • electrification of auxiliary systems (such as steering, suspension, and braking)
  • highly integrated systems for driver-assisted operation
  • future advances to enable fully automated vehicles
  • new on-board infotainment and productivity applications
  • enhanced safety systems

Our Areas of Expertise

Whether you are developing Electric vehicles, Internal Combustion Engine vehicles or Hybrid vehicles, our leading automotive solutions portfolio and technical expertise will bring these designs to fruition.

High-Voltage Powertrain

Battery Interconnect Systems
Electric Traction Motor
Power Electronics Controller
DC/DC Converter
On-board Charger
Electric Transmission
Thermal System (Cooling)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Low-Voltage Powertrain

48V Electric Generator

ICE Powertrain


Autonomous Driving 

Sensor Solutions
Vehicle Computer
ADAS Computer
Steering & Motion Control

Connected Mobility 

Central Gateway
V2X Connectivity Control Unit
Map & Positioning Module
Telematics Module

Future Vehicle Concepts

Seat Belts
Flexible Floor Systems
Infotainment & Displays
Airbag Control Unit
Pedestrian Protection System
Driver Monitoring System
Safety Restraint Control Unit

Your Solutions Specialist for Automotive

As a trusted Automotive innovation partner for many decades, Interplex is helping our customers navigate and drive these changes to chart the road ahead and to accelerate the global race for success.